Robert is a co-founder of Par Equity and is on the Investment Committee. He's the appointed gatekeeper for new investment opportunities and sits on a number of Boards in the U.K and U.S and is also responsible for the firms’ technology infrastructure.


Robert has spent his entire career developing hardware, software and communications products, based on emerging technologies. Based in various European countries and the U.S he held a number of senior strategy positions within blue-chip organisations, before becoming an investor on his own account. Robert's first technology role, in 1980, was as a programmer and, subsequently, Development Manager based in the U.S, at the start-up known today as Artemis- Aurea Software. Robert continued building his technology experience with Reuters, Telekurs AG (a UBS subsidiary) before joining ABN AMRO’s investment bank. Since 2002 Robert has based himself in London and Edinburgh, working with universities on technology transfer and early stage businesses - before moving back to the U.S in 2017 to focus primarily on Health Technology.

Hanging out in the sunshine with A&R; discovering great coffee and a new tech-book to read.

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