Turbo charging the portfolio 

Statistically speaking, companies backed by Par Equity perform better than most other venture backed organisations. A key reason for our strong performance is the advisory community we've built around Par’s investment model.

From our first conversation with a prospective investment through to discussions on an exit strategy for a later stage portfolio company, we are constantly thinking about who in our network can make a difference. Who can bring additional insight and critical thinking to our deals, who can open doors with prospective customers and who has experience within the universe of potential buyers and can shape an attractive exit  to such an acquirer.

The first thing I need to say is thank you to Par Equity. The guidance and support they have provided to Symphonic over the past seven years has been invaluable. On day one they provided our team with support that was key to identifying directors and board advisers as the business grew.
Derick JamesCEO of SymphonicNovember 2020

We see it as our obligation as a venture capital manager to work beyond our initial investment, to find ways to propel the portfolio forward. The advisory network is fundamental to this approach and, crucially, this network of advisors will often invest with Par, alongside our discretionary funds. This means that our body of advisers tends to have "skin in the game" and is aligned with Par, our fund investors and our entrpreneurs to rapidly grow shareholder value. Collectively, we can generate better outcomes for everyone.

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If you have deep industry expertise, skills and contacts, or if you've worked with or built out new technologies with commercial applications, and you want to work some of the most exciting companies across Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland, then we want to hear from you. 

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