Our approach to investment

We are investors in innovation. We look for disruptive and innovative companies, especially in communications, internet, media and electronics, clean and medical technologies.

We have an active approach to investment, supporting the management teams we invest in. We use the Par network to bring their contacts, insights and experience, as well as our own expertise.

A key differentiator of Par Equity's model is that the Par EIS Fund invests alongside experienced business angels.  Where appropriate, we look to co-invest with other investors, whether corporates, development funds or Family Offices.

Tax Treatment of EIS

The tax benefits of EIS under current legislation are:

  • Income tax relief at 30%
  • No capital gains tax on gains made by the fund.
  • Full inheritance tax relief (after two years)
  • Capital gains tax deferral relief
  • Loss relief up to 45% of net investment after income tax relief of 30%, representing total tax reliefs of 61.5% of the original investment. Losses of individual investments are not netted against gains in the portfolio.

EIS investments must be held for 3 years to achieve all 5 tax benefits.