The company

deltaDNA provides Player Relationship Management for F2P Games, Social Casino and Real Money Gambling. Their technology solution uses advanced data mining and predictive modelling to identify and segment significant player behaviours. Through this insight, players can be targeted with real-time individual in-game messages offering personalized experiences that build engagement and increase retention to drive significant revenue growth for the game publishers

The opportunity

Par Equity was attracted by deltaDNA’s novel and highly skilled approach to improving revenue for games publishers on their freemium titles within the burgeoning mobile games development market.  Another attraction was the combined experience of the Company’s management team in the gaming and data mining industries.  Par Equity made its initial investment in deltaDNA in July 2013 and supported the business in 3 follow-on investment rounds.

The exit

deltaDNA was acquired in the autumn of 2019 by San Francisco based Unity Technologies, the creator of the world’s largest leading real-time 3D development platform. DeltaDNA’s engagement solution will be integrated into the Unity Engine to provide unparalleled player lifecycle management. The sale was for an undisclosed figure, with the Par Equity investors making many multiples of their total investment. 

What they said

Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA, said: “Our first-player philosophy is the basis for the business, but without the consistent belief and backing of our investors, deltaDNA would have remained an idea. Our investors’ support has allowed us to turn that idea into a cutting-edge business with unique technology. The future is hugely exciting, but only because of the journey and people that got us into this position.