The company

Current Health is an AI software platform which automatically detects the warning signs of health deterioration, bringing healthcare to the patient dramatically earlier than currently possible. Using a wireless wearable arm-band, Current Health continuously monitors patients, in the home and in the hospital, across data points such as blood pressure, respiratory rate and activity levels.

By bringing physicians and nurses to the patient earlier, deterioration can be prevented. This improves patient outcomes and experience, while reducing the cost to deliver healthcare through reduction in re-admissions and length of hospital stays.

The opportunity

We were initially drawn to the teams’ medical experience, early pilot NHS primary care success, the vision of leveraging advancements in technology to monitor patients both in hospital and at home and the value proposition that could be realized given the pressures on global health systems. The platform provides an automated alternative to taking regular manual observations and allows patients to be managed at home after their discharge – unblocking critical bed space early. Clinicians and and social care workers concentrate on higher priority patients whilst the platform monitors in background.

At a macro level, we understand our rapidly aging demographic and the need to provide a more automated, predictive assessment of a patient’s health within and outwith hospital settings.

The exit

In October 2021, after a year of revenue growth at +3,000%, NYSE listed Best Buy, snapped up the business for $400m to unlock its “health at home” strategy. 

Par was the 2nd largest investor at exit - despite being a small Scottish investor in comparison to the larger US coinvestors.

What they said

John McLean, CFO Current Health, February 2021:

“Par Equity has been a stand-out investor for Current Health, backing the company in each investment round since inception and helping us break into the US. They are a value-add partner and unique in their ability to support the development of medical device companies into the highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.”