The company

QikServe Ltd has developed a proven, integrated and scalable digital self service solution for the hospitality industry that can be delivered on any device including kiosks, counter-top solutions, tablets, mobile apps and web-based ordering.

In contrast to other ordering systems, QikServe recognises the central role of the electronic point- of-sale (EPOS) system within restaurants and has developed a patented ordering and payment technology that is fully integrated into the world’s largest EPOS provider, Oracle. This ensures that back-of-house activities, such as inventory control, are seamlessly updated.  Not only is EPOS integration key to ensuring widespread and rapid deployment of ordering technology but it also acts as a significant barrier to those seeking to follow QikServe.

QikServe now has global enterprise customers across a range of hospitality sectors including travel concessions, amusement parks, hotels and restaurant chains.  In particular, the platform is currently being rolled out across the estates of the two largest players in the global travel concessions sector with live venues in North America, Europe and Asia.  

Consequently, QikServe is already processing over 35,000 transactions a month and growing rapidly.  The technology has now been validated having delivered increased sales, improved order throughput, reduced staff costs and reduced cash handling costs for enterprise customers.