The company

Manus Neurodynamica Ltd is a technology company who have developed the NeuroMotor Pen.  The NeuroMotor Pen (NMP) is a patented and CE marked medical device for evaluating fine motor skills in patients with movement abnormalities. The NMP product with Decision Support System integrated in the tablet PC app, provides clinicians with accurate and objective assessment of movement abnormalities for diagnostic and prognostic purposes in a convenient non-invasive way. One of the main applications is the early accurate diagnostic assessment for Parkinson’s disease (PD). 

Clinical validation studies demonstrated that PD patients can be differentiated from patients with different types of movement disorders (for example between PD and Essential Tremor). The accuracy in the most challenging clinical scenario was 75%.  There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, but early and accurate diagnosis is crucial to give patients access to the range of treatments and therapies available. Early intervention can slow the progression of the disease and dramatically improve quality of life.  The NeuroMotor will Improve efficiency at specialist movement disorder clinics and increase the certainty of differential diagnoses and establish cost savings (partly due to reduction in number of DaTscan assessments). GPs will increase the referral accuracy and save on costs for referrals. The devices are currently being launched by distributor Cambridge Cognition into the academic and industrial research markets to support research and the evaluation of pharmaceutical interventions.