Innovative technologies for hard-to-solve issues

  •  North of the UK

  •  B2B focus

  •  IP driven / Applied Deep Tech

  •  Seed to Series A

  •  £0.5m to £10m total raise

Further information

  • We’re seeking proven commercial demand, with monthly revenues of more than £20k.

  • We look for companies that can demonstrate strong market pull – we want to see “must have”, not “nice to have” products.

  • We like to see large addressable markets, with limited barriers to international scale.

  • We are sector agnostic, instead looking to the degree of innovation in the technology and the opportunity it creates across its applicable markets.

  • We back hardware as well as software companies.

  • We like management teams who can inspire us, who complement one another and have high-energy, collaborative mindsets.

  • We care about ESG, and we want to work with management teams who wish to improve these aspects of their businesses.

Excluded companies

In line with our ESG investment policy, we will not invest in:

  • Companies that are encouraging the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and gambling.

  • Companies that are directly involved in animal testing.

  • Companies that are selling technology for applications in weaponry.