The company

Pure Li-Fi is a University of Edinburgh spin-out company focusing on Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. In simple terms VLC technology enables a simple LED light bulb to be turned into a high speed communications device similar to a Wi-Fi, recently referred to as Li-Fi.

The company CEO is Dr Gordon Povey, an experienced entrepreneur. Alongside him is CTO, Professor Harald Haas, a renound world expert in the field of Visible Light Communications. The interest in this technology has been growing as the radio spectrum, traditionally used for wireless data transmission, is becoming more and more congested. With 10,000 more bandwidth available in the visible spectrum and with the LED light bulb market growing rapidly, the time to commercialise this interesting technology has come.

LED light bulbs are solid-state semiconductor devices similar to integrated circuits and so they can operate at extremely high speeds. The high intensity of the LED bulbs can be varied rapidly to carry the data, but this "flickering" is imperceptible to the human eye. The technology is simpler that the equivalent radio systems since there are no radios and antenna systems, just a bit of high speed signal processing, which is easily implemented.

The company has already achieved Wi-Fi speeds from and off-the-shelf LED light bulb and promises speeds of 1Gbps in the future. Prototypes are being tested and products from Pure Li-Fi are expected later in 2012.