The company

ICS (International Correspondence Schools), which is located in Glasgow, delivers a wide range of distance learning to over 14,000 students. The company was founded over 120 years ago and created the distance learning concept with the objective of making learning as accessible as possible, a concept now facilitated by the internet.

Today, ICS is the world's most experienced distance learning organisation, offering over 150 flexible courses and having helped educate more than 13 million people. Supporting in excess of 14,000 students at any given time its services and tutor teams guide students through 150 different courses ranging from entry level vocational and school qualifications through to professional diplomas at postgraduate level. ICS aim to make learning as accessible as possible, allowing individuals to get the skills, training and qualifications they want, in a way that lets them decide when, where and how they learn.

In November 2012, the Par Syndicate acquired ICS with the aim of driving profitable business growth in this exciting industry sector.