The company

Customer insight software for the mobile communications market. Ciqual was formed in 2007 and is now engaged with some of the world's largest mobile operators and suppliers. The company's software products help mobile communications providers track customers' actual service experience and usage and are targeted at Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Departments.

In today's highly competitive mobile market consumers have high expectations of the mobile broadband service delivered by operators who understand that high levels of customer care are required in order to maintain competitive advantage. Ciqual's technology can significantly improve customer care quality at reduced customer care costs within the complex area of mobile broadband service and user experience. The technology also allows mobile operators to tailor customer service reducing customer care overheads and increasing revenue generation.

The company's founders, Tom Walls, John McElroy and David Bonner worked together for over 10 years within the telecoms mobile systems market as senior managers and brought over 70+ years mobile communications test and measurement experience together when setting up Ciqual.

In January 2009 the Par Syndicate, in conjunction with the Scottish Co-investment Fund, made a commitment of £1.0 million as part of a financing of some £1.25 million. The investment, to be drawn down in two tranches over the year, is intended to help Ciqual roll out its products to a global marketplace.