The company

Beyond Movie Limited was the SPV incorporated for the development, production and exploitation of feature film BEYOND.

BEYOND is a sci-fi drama set in dystopian future in Scotland when all eyes and minds focused on the skies and the colossal, unidentified object that was discovered on a collision course with Earth. Amidst the chaos of the ensuing global catastrophe, one young couple, searching for their infant daughter, their lost relationship and the hope of salvation, embark on a perilous journey across a beautiful but treacherous landscape. Driven on by hope, confronting their own demons that forced to survive in a world that stands on the bring of collapse. Where survival is a choice.

Completed in early 2014 the film had its UK premier in March and received a UK release in late 2014 and shot to number 2 of the itunes sci-fi chart. It went on to have a world wide release in January 2015 including North America where it was sold nationwide by Walmart and Netflix.