The company

Adaptix provides technology to create a future in which low-cost 3D X-ray solutions are fully portable with a reduced system footprint, maximising their deployment in secondary care and making them available in primary care and even to field-based users.  

Current X-ray equipment requires a choice between high-cost 3D or lower-cost (but still expensive) 2D technology. All are large bulky solutions.  Some are ‘moveable’ rather than truly portable.  Low-cost truly portable systems based on Adaptix’ technology will allow clinicians to have easy access to 3D imaging information which can enhance the diagnostic information and impact on patient care.

Adaptix is aiming to transform general radiology with its development of a new Flat Panel X-ray source; a pixelated array made within a semiconductor foundry.  Adaptix is harnessing a range of existing technologies, including from the space industry, and has established a full patent family around both the hardware and software product development.  The end product will offer 3D imaging at a lower dosage from smaller and lower-cost X-ray solutions.