25 November 2020

Par Equity is pleased to announce we’re broadening the Par Investor Network in Belfast, chaired by Ronnie Geddis following our Aberdeen launch in October 2020. 

The network will support Par's existing activities in Northern Ireland - Trivirum, PlotBox and Datactics – as well as help to find new and exciting opportunities to back. We aim to address a gap in equity investment for high potential early stage businesses, which has been an obstacle for early stage tech businesses in Northern Ireland. A key cornerstone of our investment strategy is the strength and breadth of the Par Investor Network.

Ronnie Geddis said: "Belfast has a strong tech scene, it’s like a little Silicon Valley. We have a lot of support in place for start-ups, with investment available for the research and development stage, but there is a real gap in the market for a VC like Par to fuel the growth of young SMEs, once they are past the seed investment stage."

"Par Equity is keen to open up opportunities for those early stage companies by offering not only investment, but the right support and guidance to help them succeed. Becoming part of the Par network of is an excellent opportunity for investors in the area, as it exposes us to a wide variety of investment options, and fellow investors, here in Northern Ireland and also further afield."

Thank you to those supporting our launch on 2nd December - Wayne Horwood at HNH , John McGuckian at Tughans Solicitors and Ruth McDonald at Narratology.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3fyw7mR