The company

Sunamp designs and produces heat storage batteries which overcome the issue of energy wastage by storing excess energy as heat for later use. The patented, non-toxic Sunamp Heat Battery technology stores and provides heat to warm a building or deliver hot water. The energy is released in much the same way as a hand warmer works.

With two and a half times more heat consumed than electricity globally, heat has been significantly under-innovated in recent years, and with the switch in focus to renewable energy, there is now a large requirement for energy storage.

Sunamp has a number of products under development including SunampPV, which allows homes with solar panels to store excess energy for future use rather than sending it back to the grid. This consumer product will be the first-to-market of Sunamp’s line-up, ahead of the Sunamp Stack range, an advanced heat store designed to save consumers money by optimising the operation of domestic renewable heat sources such as heat pumps. Development is also underway of a centralised, large scale product range responding to the need for multi-MWh commercial heat storage to deal with grid constraints and district heating.

In March 2015 Par Equity, together with Scottish Co-Investment Fund, other angels and private investors provided investment of £1.2million to an over-subscribed funding round which will enable Sunamp to bring the current product range to market and maintain IP protection for its innovative technology.