The company

With their heritage in wearable tech and a rich patented portfolio, StretchSense have solved the problem of hand tracking through their innovative sensor and machine learning solution. Bringing lifelike human hand movement to virtual worlds, StretchSense gloves are unique in that they accurately capture the subtleties of hand and finger movements, digitising them in real-time.

As the global leader in hand motion capture used by the biggest AAA game and VFX studios in the world, their solution is the most natural and immersive hand interface for the metaverse with the ability to interact with virtual worlds, in games or VR training. Driven by a true sense of purpose to help shape the ever-evolving augmented reality future, StretchSense are providing a sense of presence and driving accessibility so that all humans have the opportunity to play, create, socialise, collaborate, work and connect in the virtual worlds of today and tomorrow.