The company

At Pufferfish, we challenge flat technology by opening up a world of possibilities for better communication, engagement and interaction. Our PufferSphere spherical projection solutions combine extraordinary form, magnetic appeal and unique interactivity to tell stories in ways never before possible.

Using our unique technology alongside the knowledge, skill and creative talent of our team, we realise our clients’ vision. In an increasingly noisy world, we use our technology and unique experience to help them to be seen through the digital fog and conceive, visualise and communicate data and stories that resonate.

We provide a range of spherical content and application development services focused around our PufferSphere systems, bringing stories to life using data, motion, video and code.  We offer services tailored to each client’s needs, expertise, existing assets, timelines and budgets.

From concept development, through to realisation, installation and beyond, our approach is designed to ensure our solutions always deliver functionality and value.