The company

My1login is a cloud-based password manager that enables business users to securely manage and, where authorised, share specific passwords for business applications. My1login business benefits include:

  • Protects against 65% of the causes of data security breaches;
  • Underpins compliance — FCA, SOX, ISO, PCI; and
  • Delivers recurring productivity savings of c. $220 per employee p.a.

A number of other modular products have been developed and are on the roadmap to address growing opportunities in the Identity and Access Management market. My1login launched into the consumer market in 2012 and into the B2B market in 2013. The consumer and business product launches secured a number of accolades from mainstream, technical and security press providing an excellent platform of credibility for the my1login brand. As a result of significant cash investment by the founder and seed investment from a number of Angels combined with the Scottish Investment Bank, my1login has recently moved from pre-revenue to revenue generating, with business customers in a variety of primary English-speaking nations.