The company

Artus is a revolutionary cooling and heating air conditioning product. A solution for all applications including residential, commercial and high-precision environments. Artus is a fully-packaged unit offering significant advantages over fan coil and chilled beam systems.

Artus’ ground-breaking HVAC system represents a step forward over existing solutions, the technology for which has remained largely unchanged for the past thirty years. It not only transforms the way buildings are cooled and heated but will also significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed and carbon generated.

Artus’ improved energy performance, compared to a traditional Fan Coil unit (FCU), delivers a reduction of up to 89% on associated fan input power. 

Using Artus Optima, Artus’ partnering control system, the technology could deliver all a building’s HVAC Net Zero carbon reduction target and reduce its regulated energy and total energy by 21% and 14% respectively.  These figures are based on trial use of Artus Optima conducted in a 10,000m2 model office. 

Artus is delivered as a single component, which negates the need for the usual secondary ducts and diffusers and significantly reduces installation time. 

The new investment from Par Equity will be used to build awareness of Artus, develop the product portfolio and to grow the business globally. Developers typically buy hundreds of units for a new office, education or healthcare building and the addressable market is £1.6bn in Europe, plus a further £1.2bn in the USA. Artus units are already installed in a number of high-profile buildings, including the Centurion Lounge at Heathrow T3. Artus has offices in London and Edinburgh and plans to grow its customer-facing team to 13 over the next year.