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Par Equity is an investment firm with a difference.  We bring a pragmatic, hands on investment approach and extensive business experience to investment opportunities that have the potential for significant returns. The key to our approach is the deployment of operational experience, both from Par's executives and from Par's Advisory Panel.  The Advisory Panel consists of experienced, successful entrepreneurs, investors and business people who can inform our investment decisions and, subsequently, add value to investee companies.

We aim to provide Investors with access to a range of investment possibilities that we are developing under the Par Equity umbrella. Our model targets innovative, high return investment opportunities where we can add significant value.  Par executives and Par Advisers invest in fund opportunities, aligning our interests with those of our external investors.

Par Equity invests as a managed fund (Par Innovation Fund I LP) and as the co-ordinator of a business angel syndicate (The Par Syndicate) and has recently launched the Par Syndicate EIS Fund, which will invest alongside the Par Syndicate.

Par Innovation Fund I LP

Par Innovation Fund I is our initial fund offering and provides venture capital for post revenue, innovative companies.

Par Syndicate

Par Equity also supports and administers a highly active business angel network called the Par Syndicate.  Syndicate members have privileged access to opportunities to invest in high growth potential, innovative companies.  Members make their own investment decisions and invest directly in the companies.  These investments often qualify for EIS relief.

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Please call us on our office number if you would like more information +44 (0)131 5560044.


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Monday, 8 June 2015
Symphonic receives significant funding to accelerate the development of its next-generation Identity and Access Management software. Symphonic Trust provides a Common Authorisation Layer to facilitate secure data access and information sharing in complex, highly regulated environments involving multiple organisations or multiple technologies. » Read more

Money Dashboard
Monday, 26 January 2015
Money Dashboard, the Edinburgh-based personal finance platform, has said it raised a further £2.5 million between August and November last year, bringing total funding to £5.2m in 12 months. The funding, led by private equity manager Calculus Capital, included investment from Ariadne Capital, Par Equity, and The Scottish Investment Bank, and adds to the initial £2.7m investment made in November 2013. » Read more

Monday, 1 December 2014
Dukosi Ltd, an Edinburgh-based developer of battery management and optimisation technology for electric vehicles, today announces an equity funding of £1m to develop its electric vehicle battery management technology into commercial products. The funding was led by IP Group plc, and was also supported by existing shareholders Par Equity and Scottish Investment Bank (the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise). » Read more

Thursday, 21 August 2014
Sir Alexander Graham Bell may be better known as the guy who invented the first ‘practical’ telephone, but the Scottish scientist laid claim to an arsenal of additional innovations. Among these were the photophone, a wireless telephone of sorts that enabled sounds (including speech) to be transmitted via light. It’s said that Bell actually valued the photophone more than the telephone from his lifetime achievements, even though it never quite took off and is now consigned to the footnotes of history. However, more than 130 years after the photophone first came to light, Professor Harald Haas is pioneering his own light-centric wireless communications technology. And ironically, he’s doing so from the Alexander Graham Bell building at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. » Read more

Par Syndicate EIS Fund to invest in innovative small-medium-sized companies with high growth potential...Read more»
miiCard: American Banker - How Banks Can Help Fix the Broken Identity System Penny Crosman,Editor in Chief of Bank Technology News at American Banker interviews miiCard CEO James Varga about why we can't continue to relyon personal information for online identity verification and how we can fix it using the banks as a source of trust. The two-part video series looks firstly at the problems with relying on personal data in online verification,and then at therole of the banks as a trusted source for consumer's to prove their identity without oversharing their information. Watch the videos here : Part 1 : TMI? Consumers have little choice Part 2 : How banks can help fix the broken identity system
08 Jun 2015
miiCard: miiCard joins FData to give consumers more control over their finances Thursday, May 21st 2015 We are pleased to announce miiCard has joined FData, the United Kingdom's trade association for financial technology companies looking to give customers more control of their financial data. As a "digital passport"miiCard is strivingto put the consumer at the core of theironline identity, togive them complete control over when, where and how their identity and information is shared online.Financial data is core tothis, not only for the strength and trust it builds in our online identities but also for the value our financial profilecan provide us as consumers in the digital economy. "Identity and data is a core part of accessing financial products, payments and everyday life. The digital environment we operate in today demands amore trusted and secure way for us to share this information. Paper based bank statements and self-reported income just aren't enough these days both from a data protection standpoint and also fraud risk.As an industry we need to work together to bring consumers the convenience, security, trust and confidence they need to transaction online. FDatarepresents a sector of the industry that fundamentally believes in consumer empowerment and inclusion based on the control of their personal data and we are pleased to be involved in driving these initiatives forward," said miiCard CEO James Varga. Andy Maciver, Director of FData said"We're delighted to have miiCard on board as a member. We're on a journey in this country to giving the consumer real power over their financial lives, and being able to verify identity is obviously a huge part of that. miiCard brings the knowledge of that identity security to our group and will play a significant role as we continue to discuss the next steps in open data with the government, regulators and other stakeholders." About FData The Financial Data and Technology Association is a trade association for financial technology ("fintech") companies which give customers more control of their financial data. Our member companies provide innovative financial applications and services to empower consumers to make better decisions and take fuller control of their financial lives across all their accounts, credit cards, loans and investments. We seek to work with government, regulatory authorities and financial institutions in our mission to create and manage clear industry standards which will ease the opening up of Britains financial sector to the benefits of financial data and technology. Visit FData here Topics:Financial Services, Online Trust
21 May 2015
miiCard: The Guardian - Fintech revolutionaries storm the barricades of traditional banking The worlds hungriest entrepreneurial and tech talent are in the vanguard of a financial insurgency and investors are backing them, writes Jon Card. miiCard is listed in the top 5 fintech companies to watch alongside Nutmeg, Droplet, Elliptic and Bizdaq. Read the full article here :Fintech revolutionaries storm the barricades of traditional banking
08 May 2015
miiCard: Online Identity News Round Up Tuesday, May 5th 2015Following interest in our Global Online Identity News post in 2014 we have published another round up of recent online identity and trust related news from around the world. We've captured more than 50 stories from late last year through to March 2015 that continue to demonstrate and an increase in activity in identity and trust online across all sectors from government to finance, healthcare, social, dating and the sharing economy. Topics:Online Trust, Identity News, Identity Protection
05 May 2015
miiCard: Edinburgh and London agreement to drive FinTech growth Tuesday, April 28th 2015 With each day that passes, it becomes increasingly clear that FinTech is becoming a vital focus for innovation, both within the UK and beyond. As Simon Taylor pointed out so well in one of my favourite blog posts of recent months (Banks can't have innovation because? False certainty kills it)the reality is that financial institutions are simply not optimised to pursue innovative projects at the same velocity as smaller organisations built by entrepreneurs with a laser focus on solving specific inefficiencies within the system. Far more nimble startups are inevitably better placed to solve the problems that frankly take larger organisations far too long to solve. However, its important to remember that innovation is not a zero sum game. Whilst small technology-driven innovators often bring the much-needed solutions, its the financial behemoths that bring the scale to translate that nascent enthusiasm into widespread public adoption. Its precisely within that intersection that real value is created so its crucial to ensure that everyone involved in FinTech collectively works on building an atmosphere that lets such collaborative relationships develop. That, in a nutshell is the reason why miiCard, as one of the leading FinTech startups in Scotland, became a FoundingMembers of Innovate Finance. Last week, I headed along to the City Chambers to represent miiCard in a small roundtable discussion organised by Edinburgh City Council and Scottish Financial Enterpriseto tie in with a visit from the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Alan Yarrow. Following a wide-ranging conversation discussing the Scottish landscape for financial innovation, the occasion was marked by the signature of a key Memorandum of Understanding to promote the development of the sector within Edinburgh between Innovate Finance, Scottish Financial Enterprise and the City of Edinburgh Council. The collaboration is important for a number of reasons. Partly its about strengthening relationships with the innovation hubs that are springing up around the City of London as a centre of finance, whether at Level39orBarclays Acceleratorto name just two. But its also about ensuring that we cut through some of the barriers that hinder efficient communication between both sides. Of course, financial organisations need help locating promising startups with the most compelling innovations, matchmaking that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to scale their businesses and ultimately, find an exit for their hard work. But its also crucial ensure that FinTech startups are given as much help as possible with progressing pastseemingly endless committee decisions in these large oil tanker businesses as quickly as possible to ensure that all parties have the greatest possible chance of reaching a successful conclusions. Few things are certain in life but heres a couple of facts. Edinburgh has an incredible depth of world-class talent in computer sciences. Its the UKs second largest financial centre. And the country as a whole has a rich history of entrepreneurship thats only strengthening with the advance of technology across society (see the local collective Startedin for more). Agreements such as this can only help to raise the profile of key financial technology hubs and Im in no doubt that the sectors about to get very interesting indeed. And the best thing? The doors are wide open for anyone who wants to take part. Topics:Financial Services
28 Apr 2015
Flightman: Oman Air Select Flightman?s iPad Electronic Flight Bag Software Flightman today announced that Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, signed a contract to install their EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) software across their entire fleet of Airbus, Boeing Embraer aircraft. Oman Air selected the suite Continue reading
14 Apr 2015