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Par Equity is an investment firm with a difference.  We bring a pragmatic, hands on investment approach and extensive business experience to investment opportunities that have the potential for significant returns. The key to our approach is the deployment of operational experience, both from Par's executives and from Par's Advisory Panel.  The Advisory Panel consists of experienced, successful entrepreneurs, investors and business people who can inform our investment decisions and, subsequently, add value to investee companies.

We aim to provide Investors with access to a range of investment possibilities that we are developing under the Par Equity umbrella. Our model targets innovative, high return investment opportunities where we can add significant value.  Par executives and Par Advisers invest in fund opportunities, aligning our interests with those of our external investors.

Par Equity invests as a managed fund (Par Innovation Fund I LP) and as the co-ordinator of a business angel syndicate (The Par Syndicate) and has recently launched the Par Syndicate EIS Fund, which will invest alongside the Par Syndicate.

Par Innovation Fund I LP

Par Innovation Fund I is our initial fund offering and provides venture capital for post revenue, innovative companies.

Par Syndicate

Par Equity also supports and administers a highly active business angel network called the Par Syndicate.  Syndicate members have privileged access to opportunities to invest in high growth potential, innovative companies.  Members make their own investment decisions and invest directly in the companies.  These investments often qualify for EIS relief.

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Please call us on our office number if you would like more information +44 (0)131 5560044.


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Monday, 31 March 2014
Greengage Lighting recently won a major award for its Agrilamp Induction Power System. » Read more

Dukosi helps launch computer chip that boosts electric car efficiency
Monday, 3 March 2014
A Scottish technology company has raised £320,000 to support the commercial launch of a product it believes could provide a big boost to the efficiency of electric vehicles, six months after the death of the young entrepreneur who founded the business. » Read more

Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Scottish social networking site KILTR is growing and its co-founder Brian Hughes has ambitious plans to take the platform to a wider audience........ » Read more

LED and visible light communications could be key to unlocking US$5 billion indoor location market, says ABI Research
Wednesday, 15 January 2014
While the indoor location market is relatively nascent, companies are already aggressively addressing next-generation, high accuracy (sub-5m) technologies to ensure they are best placed to dominate the emerging multi-billion dollar retail technology market. LED/Visible light Communications (VLC) is tantalizingly close to providing huge performance benefits without the usual cost implications, according to ABI Research. » Read more

Par Syndicate EIS Fund to invest in innovative small-medium-sized companies with high growth potential...Read more»
miiCard.com: Bring Your Own Identity key to Global ECommerce As an Online Identity Verification Service founded on the principles of Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) we firmly believe this approach will reduce friction and bolster customer engagement in the digital economy. In a recent article in The Paypers, Emma Lindley, Director, Innovate Identity explores increasing consumer demand for sophisticated online experiences and how user-centric identity models can enable cross-border global ecommerce. Benefits of User-Centric Identity for Business and Consumers "The aim of user centric identity is, as the name suggests, a system that holds the customer at the centre of the design. The user is able to share previously verified information with the required organisation to allow the transaction to take place, without having to share more personal information than the transaction requires," says Lindley. There are three key features here that can only exist in user-centric ID models. Here's how we see them benefiting both consumers and organisations : User is able to share - The consumer has control of their information and what they share, which sees the organisation win the trust of their customer. Previously verified information - Sharing pre-verified information gives the consumer convenience and, when tied to a trusted online identity, reduces fraud risk for organisations and speeds up new customer acquisition. Without having to share more personal information - This provides greater protection of the consumer's data and mitigates the risk of organisations storing and securing personal information. Read the full post on The Paypers : Do new user centric or consumer identity models hold the key to frictionless customer transactions? Tags:Financial ServicesIdentity ProtectionOnline Trust
16 Apr 2014
miiCard.com: Get instant access to buy sell Bitcoin on CoinRnr US Bitcoin Exchange CoinRnr is now accepting miiCard. CoinRnr helps people buy and sell bitcoin without long wait times or excessive fees. With orders processed the same day of purchase and the convenience of using your miiCard you can buy and sell bitcoin faster. Login in to CoinRnr with miiCard for instant Tier 3 access to buy and sell Bitcoin. "Signing in to CoinRnr with miiCard gives you instant Tier 3 access to all of our great features like buying bitcoin with credit cards and INTERAC payments," said CEO Mazin Khoury. CoinRnr is available in the US and Canada. Login to CoinRnr with your miiCard here Tags:miiCardFinancial Services
11 Apr 2014
miiCard.com: miiCard Launches Single IDaaS Solution for Lenders to Eliminate Fraud, Mitigate Risk and Power Underwriting LendFusion adds miiCard to hosted lending platform to help credit unions, banks, peer-to-peer lenders and others make instant, purely online underwriting decisions London, UK/Mondato Summit Europe, Level 39 April 9, 2014 Online identity proofing service miiCard today launched IDaaS for Lenders, a single solution that combines identity proofing, bureau data, real-time bank data, and strong authentication. The new solution can verify borrower identity to Know Your Customer (KYC) standards, reduce risk through Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, and instantly provide Certified Digital Bank Statements for real-time underwriting decisions that are more accurate than CRB data alone. Hosted lending platform LendFusion is the first to streamline its new customer verification and underwriting with IDaaS for Lenders. Today, lenders must fight a $21 billion annual identity theft problem while relying on scanned and submitted bank statements to approve loan applications. With miiCards patented identity verification solution, banks, credit unions, peer-to-peer lenders, alternative lenders and more can eliminate identity-based fraud and reduce the time and expense of underwriting while improving the overall user experience. Lending is a complicated and high value transaction industry that is fraught with competitive, regulatory and fraud concerns, said Jurgen Valgepea, CEO of LendFusion. miiCard's single solution combines trust, security and verified data so that LendFusion customers can underwrite higher value loans with less risk and eliminate fraud. miiCard provides a seamless, real-time and purely online and customer-driven verification experience that establishes the borrowers identity to the same level as an in-person photo ID check, meeting all AML and KYC verification processes. miiCard also enables borrowers to instantly share Certified Digital Bank Statements with lenders to enable faster underwriting and purely online loan approvals. Certified Digital Bank Statements are user-controlled components of a verified miiCard identity. Upon request, miiCard members can authorize financial institutions or professional service companies to access one of two different levels of information: A Bank Statement that includes full transaction details delivered for the last 30, 60 or 90 days; An Account Summary that includes account details such as number of transactions, total credits and debits, and closing balance. This financial information can be used as proof of income or credit history to help lenders and financial services companies make better underwriting decisions, approve loan limits, or extend credit-based services all entirely online and provided with explicit consumer consent. miiCards IDaaS for Lenders helps banks and others save time and money by making more precise risk assessments while ultimately empowering their customers, said miiCard CEO James Varga. We are excited that LendFusion will integrate miiCard into its hosted solution and expand our reach to a wider range of consumer lending companies. miiCards Level of Assurance 3+ identity verification and authentication service leverages the authority and security inherent in a members online financial accounts to prove identity to a passport or photo ID standard. The miiCard platform offers a wide range of features for lenders and other financial services companies, including identity proofing, personal data verification, financial transaction data and strong multi-factor authentication, available through simple APIs and hosted services. For more information please register for the miiCard IDaaS for Lenders datasheet here About LendFusion LendFusion is a hosted software platform that helps alternative lenders to manage the smooth running and expansion of their business. This software enables lenders a scalable platform developed with a combination of innovative technology, strong experience and an imaginative approach to lending online. LendFusion is the easiest-to-use and most efficient platform currently available in the UK. Visit LendFusion here
09 Apr 2014
miiCard.com: miiCard finalist in Mondato Summit MFS Awards miiCard has been shortlisted in the Mondato Summit awards for European Mobile Financial Services Startup of the Year. The Summit takes place over two days from Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th of April at Level 39, Canary Wharf, London and will explore how mobile financial services (MFS) is transforming the way that consumers and businesses lend, manage and spend money. Magnus Bray will be at the event to show our online Identity Verification Service (IDaaS) in action and explain how miiCard is eliminating fraud in high value transactions to enable the transactions of the future across a range of consumer finances including payments and lending. Please get in touch if you are going to be at the Mondato Summit and would like to arrange a meeting. Tags:miiCardFinancial Services
03 Apr 2014
miiCard.com: Identity Assurance and the market for Verified Attributes This are the slides from part of a talk I gave at Ctrl-SHIFT's The Personal Information Economy 2014 conference last week. Identity Assurance the Market for Verified Attributes from miiCard We are living in the midst of a digital data explosion. Much of this data about who we are and what we do is personal data, and its becoming a critical component of business strategy for consumer facing brands, organisations and their suppliers. Leveraging personal data effectively can improve sales and marketing, brand perception, innovation, customer acquisition, retention and experience as well as reducing the cost to serve and managing the risks of compliance and security. To unleash its potential, however, organisations have to get their approach to personal data right. They need to build trust around data collection and use. They need to demonstrate customer value. If you'd like to discuss further please contact me
03 Apr 2014
miiCard.com: Trust in the Digital World Conference : Enabling the Economics of Trust How do you build trust in the cloud? How do you manage your corporate identities in a secure and efficient manner? How do you begin to build the trust eco-system and keep abreast of increasingly complex legislation? What about eAuthentication, smart cities, privacy and digital data? As members of Trust In Digital Life we are looking forward to taking part in the upcoming event The Trust in the Digital World Conference in Vienna from April 7-8, 2014 and are encouraging anyone looking to shape the future of trust online to get involved. The event is your chance to find out about all the latest developments and cutting edge ideas and technologies. To discuss and debate with peers and experts, representatives from government, industry, academia and all other stakeholders involved in the great debate. This is the trust event of the future! Perhaps you wish to listen and learn. Perhaps you wish to influence the shape of tomorrows security landscape. Perhaps you want to engage with other stakeholders. Are you looking for collaboration? Or are you simply interested in the latest research results from TDL, EEMA and the European Commission? Whatever you goal, this is a must attend event. Each speaker will have just ten minutes to deliver his/her perspective and then..over to the delegates! View the agenda for the Trust in the Digital World Conference on the website and be sure to join us from April 7-8. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Vienna! Visit Trust In Digital Life for the agenda, registration and further information. Tags:Online TrustIndustry News
28 Mar 2014