The company

SamsonVT was established in 2017 with a mission to deliver accessible Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturers and transform the traditionally under-served product maintenance and after sales market.

SamsonCORE is changing the way maintenance engineers service assets by replacing paper-based technical documents and parts catalogues with interactive 3D models. Unlike traditional technical publications, SamsonCORE is instantly updatable, so engineers are always working with the most accurate information. When compared to flat 2D images, 3D models can help engineers complete tasks up to 50% faster, reducing asset downtime and speeding up repairs without compromising on accuracy. Furthermore, SamsonCORE better connects engineers to the supply chain, improving the accuracy and speed of component orders by enabling the integration of e-commerce platforms. This ensures the correct parts are always ordered first time round. This reduction of excessive printing and overhead energy consumption can help manufacturers reach important sustainability targets.

Looking ahead over the next 12 months, SamsonVT plans to double its headcount and expand into new territories such as the US market – continuing to improve the after sales experience with innovative industry 4.0 technology.