The company

Mallzee started as a Tinder style shopping app to help consumers find clothes quickly on mobile. In the last 3 years they’ve grown to be the biggest multi retailer shopping app in the UK with nearly 1m users. Consumers love their simple approach to browsing and now swipe tens of millions of products every month.
 They’ve now opened up this data source to their partners to help improve their marketing, merchandising and buying - all whilst showcasing their products and brand hundreds of thousands of times each month. 

This data source powers their Product Intelligence and Product Future offerings which enable partners to see what people really think about their product and also test new products before they go to market.

Led by Cally Russell, Callum Stuart and Jamie Sutherland Mallzee has one a range of awards and in 2016 was named by Business Insider as the third most exciting Scottish Startup behind Skyscanner and Fanduel. 

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