The company

At the ID Co., this is our vision: to create a layer of trust in the internet that doesn’t currently exist.

Imagine a digital world where you can trust that people are who they say they are, and the information they say is true – really is true. Imagine a world where you have complete control of your personal data and identity. Imagine the barriers this would break down and the value it would provide in our daily lives across the full spectrum of our online experiences.

We’ve made a great start already by finding a way to use the best sources of trust, like banks, to prove peoples’ real identity online. Bank data has immense value, both as a source of identity as well for the information inherent within it. Both for the customers who own it and the businesses they want to share it with.

Through our consumer product, miiCard and our business product, DirectID, banks and their customers can share trusted data in a completely safe way. In seconds rather than days.

As this safer, easier and more secure system moves from being the new way to do business, to the only way, the internet will become a far more useful tool for everyone.

All thanks to the power of trust.