The company

Greengage Lighting Limited was formed in 2008 to identify, develop, launch, and scale unique LED lighting products into commercial and agricultural sectors. GGL is now a global market leader with Agrilamp, a range of LED lights designed specifically for the poultry industry. Developed over many years in close collaboration with leading university research departments and professional bodies AgriLamp has accumulated over 4 million hours of field use proving that they significantly reduce energy consumption, increase food production, and improve animal welfare. Agrilamp is now sold internationally and has established itself as the industry benchmark.

GGL's management team boasts some of the leading players in LED technology and production. CEO James Theobald has driven the LED market forward with numerous successful products over the years, most recently creating LED advertising solutions for out-of-home display systems.

GGL has also been developing and trialling LED lighting for aquaculture, horticulture, and the pig and cattle industry.

What they said

Greengage is one of the brightest stars in agri-tech committed to solving the increasing challenges in global food production by applying the science of light, academic research and the latest technology to a range of patented LED lights, sensors and data analytics.

Greengage initially released a patented induction powered LED lighting system, ALIS, to help livestock farmers increase productivity, reduce operational costs and improve animal husbandry.

2018 marks the start of a new chapter with the launch of a new range of ALIS lamps followed by integrated sensors, a web app and data analytics to create an aerial network of lights and sensors looking down on the animals; monitoring in critical parameters for welfare, productivity and the environment.

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