The company

Fuuse is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions in transport by developing innovative products that enable organisations to transition to electric vehicles and fully optimise their vehicle fleets.

Fuuse, an electric vehicle chargepoint management system, enabling organisations to manage their charge point infrastructure, control access, ensure uptime, reduce energy costs, take payments, generate more income through roaming and provide an excellent driver experience through their app. Scalable across sectors and hardware independent, Fuuse provides a flexible solution for a multitude of use cases. Fuuse is proving popular with fleets, workplaces, NHS Trusts, local authorities, retailers and the EV charge point installer community.

Through its intuitive features and functionality, Fuuse facilitates EV transition whilst catering for the specific needs and challenges of charge point owners, operators and their drivers. Fuuse seeks to eliminate barriers to EV transition with continued evolution of the platform in line with accelerating EV rollout.