The company

EC-OG are innovators in subsea, clean energy technologies. Specialising in energy storage and remote power generation, EC-OG provide alternative power delivery systems for offshore applications without reliance on umbilical cables. 

Founded in 2013, EC-OG has already received a strong reputation for innovation in the subsea industry. We aim to enable our clients to decarbonise offshore operations by helping to shape the way the industry thinks about the energy transition and clean energy integration into oil & gas infrastructure.

Current industry practice requires expensive umbilical cables for power transmission to remote subsea assets. Our Halo technology offers modular and scalable battery storage, capable of integrating with marine renewable energy systems to create a zero-emission power system at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of power delivery.

With significant multi-disciplinary expertise in the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy industries, EC-OG are ideally placed to offer our clients independent, specialist advice on clean energy systems for offshore applications.