The company

Cyacomb is an Edinburgh based tech company that was created to make the online world safer. Their game-changing technology is the result of many years of innovation at the highest level. In March 2021 Par Equity led a £5 million Series A funding round.

Founded in 2016, Cyacomb harnesses the power of data and technology to pinpoint paedophile and terrorist content. Their cutting-edge technology rigorously sifts through pictures and video at scale and enables secure sharing of intelligence. When applied, the tools assist law enforcement, cloud companies and social media to find, block and remove harmful content at speed.

The Cyacomb Forensics arm of the business provides unique tools that enable law enforcement to scan devices for known child abuse or terrorist content up to 100x faster than traditional methods. Their tools replace processes that take weeks or months in a forensics lab. Cyacomb Forensics offers policing rapid digital triage for every stage, from suspect examination to offender management, digitally enabling frontline policing and empowering quick decisions. Some of the world’s most prestigious law enforcement agencies deploy their technology.  

Adapting their proven ground-breaking forensics technology to be an even greater force for good, Cyacomb Safety tackles one of society’s most pressing issues - the rising levels of child sexual abuse material being shared in our increasingly encrypted online world. Cyacomb Safety detects, prevents, and reports child sexual abuse material within end-to-end encrypted environments, whilst balancing user privacy and security considerations. Social media, cloud storage providers, messaging, and in-built gaming chat apps can use the tool to find and block known child sexual abuse material, and also terrorist content, in real time.  By preventing the spread of harmful content, Cyacomb is helping create an online environment that is safe for all.