The company

Cloudfind has built a SaaS application that delivers Publisher recommendations for Advertisers in the Affiliate Marketing space. It uses an AI engine that analyses transaction data and context to produce a “digital fingerprint” for every advertiser and publisher. This produces ranked lists of matched publishers for each individual advertiser.

The Cloudfind platform addresses two main points in the affiliate marketing space, being 1) networks have large saturated databases of publishers, which means the process for advertisers searching for the right publisher is time consuming; and 2) advertisers and networks only have visibility of affiliates signed up to their network. Cloudfind address these problems by increasing visibility between affiliate partners and publishers as well as providing instant recommendations.

The Company has a first-to-market advantage in the affiliate marketing industry (an industry worth $16 billion a year which is growing at 10% per year), with multiple, unique machine learning techniques that are difficult to replicate.