BondMason set to unveil range of bonds

17 April 2018

PEER-TO-PEER investor BondMason is planning to issue a series of bonds with one to three-year maturities after raising £1.85m in equity funding, the company’s chief executive told Peer2Peer Finance News.  Click here to read full article


Money Dashboard takes home big prize two years running

6 March 2018

We are delighted to announce that Money Dashboard won the award for Best Personal Finance app for the second year in a row at The British Bank Awards despite fierce competition from Yolt, Plum, Cleo & Onedox.  Full article attached.

Inspirational Atkinson scoops leadership award

27 November 2017

Inspirational Atkinson scoops leadership award

Recruitment and investment entrepreneur Paul Atkinson has been awarded ‘Scotland’s Most Inspiring Leader’ Awards at the WeDO Scotland Awards, held over the weekend in Edinburgh’s Sheraton Hotel.

Atkinson, who is a founding partner of the Par Equity investment business, and Executive Chairman of newly-formed recruitment business, Taranata Group, is a serial entrepreneur.  He sold his first recruitment businesses in 1998, and since then has invested in a number of businesses in the technology and recruitment sectors.  His first significant investment was with Learning IT, which was subsequently sold in an MBO.  He then invested in a further 16 companies, many of which went on to successful exits, including Mobiqa and Rocela.

In October 2017, Paul launched Taranata Group, along with a vision to build a £100m supergroup by 2020.  The group currently comprises four established recruitment brands operating in the UK and internationally, and is currently on the acquisition trail.

As well as giving sincere thanks to WeDO Scotland, the individuals and the teams he has worked with along the way, Paul Atkinson also commented: “I’ve been very fortunate on both sides of my business, with Par Equity and all the inventive businesses we are involved with; and more recently with the creation of Taranata Group, which we are working to build into an international talent supergroup.  Above all, working in Scotland, with its tradition of innovation, curiosity, grit and pioneering spirit, continues to be an inspiration and a privilege."

Belinda Roberts, founder of WeDO Scotland said: “We are thrilled that Paul Atkinson won our inaugural Inspiring Leader Award.  Paul has been an inspiration to the Scottish entrepreneurial community over many years both with the businesses he has created and those he has invested in and helped.  He is always willing to give of his time, even to those he doesn’t know, and his vision, passion and genuine interest and support of others is exemplary.” 

WeDO Scotland is the country’s most exclusive leadership organisation for transformational business owners and leaders of dynamic companies. Membership is predominantly by invitation or referral and is subject to approval by an executive team. 


Issued on behalf of Taranata Group by Clark Communications.  For further information, please contact Lesley Brydon on 0131 225 9596/07771 630834 or


Taranata Group currently comprises Head Resourcing, Change Recruitment, Head Medical and Atkinson Macleod; employs almost 150 people and turns over around £65m.  Each individual business is a specialist, and operates with autonomy both at home and internationally. 

Vert Rotors CEO Olly Dmitriev named one of the UK's Top 100 Manufacturers

16 November 2017

"The founder and CEO of Edinburgh-based Vert Rotors has been named in a prestigious list recognising the UK’s Top 100 most inspiring individuals in the manufacturing sector, according to a report published by the Manufacturer magazine.

An innovative manufacturing entrepreneur, Olly Dmitriev, who was named ‘Inventor of the Year’ at the 2017 Made in Scotland Awards, invented the world’s smallest low-vibration compressors for a range of applications including space and terrestrial applications," writes the Scottish Business News Network.

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Par Equity named Runner Up for 2017 Most Impactful Investment Award at Growth Investor Awards

9 November 2017

Par Equity’s hands-on approach to value creation has been recognised with a Runner-up Award for Most Impactful Investment at the 2017 Growth Investor Awards, the investment in question being ICSLearn, which Par Equity acquired in 2012.  The company, which has been the subject of a wide-ranging turnaround process, paid a maiden dividend earlier this year of £3.50 per share, which should be compared with an original subscription price of £2.50.  This award is welcome recognition of Par Equity’s active management capabilities, which stem from the availability of seasoned business people within the Par Syndicate and wider investor network.  Coincidentally, Par Syndicate member and ICSLearn chairman Angus MacDonald was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the annual Spears Wealth Management Awards on the same night. 

Six essential tips on staying competitive from a breakthrough innovator.

18 September 2017

Par Portfolio Company Vert Rotor's CEO Olly Dmitriev shares his tips on sustaining your competitive and innovative edge.

First Covec Webtech FIM world winner

1 September 2017

James Shanes won the FIM world Longtrack GP of Holland last weekend. James has worn the Covec undersuit for 3 years and this year the new Cover outer suit.

Nova Pangaea Technologies - Completion of Fundraising

23 August 2017

The Board of Directors of Nova Pangaea Technologies is pleased to announce that the company has successfully closed its 2017 round of funding.  Equity investment of £1.5m has been received by the Company with the support of venture capital investors Par Equity.


Par Equity named as finalist at 2017 Growth Investor Awards

31 July 2017

Par Equity has been shortlisted for Most Impactful Investment at the 2017 Growth Investor Awards, which celebrate the role of the UK’s investment provider community in championing tax-advantaged investments, spotting growth potential and backing outstanding UK small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

Download the full press release.

BVCA announces winners of Scotland Management Team Awards 2017

15 June 2017

The winners of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) Management Team Awards 2017 for Scotland have now been announced. These awards are our annual celebration of UK companies supported by private equity and venture capital funds, produced in association with Grant Thornton UK LLP.

Portfolio company Vert Rotors have won the 'Venture-backed Management Team' award, backed by Par Equity.

Judge’s comments: "Olly Dmitriev and his team have built a new engineering product with disruptive performance and are manufacturing in Scotland for customers globally. The judges were impressed with the rapid integration of engineering breakthrough and commercial traction."

To read more about the awards, please follow the below link:

Optoscribe closes investment round of £1.8 million

13 June 2017

Optoscribe, a global supplier of glass-based integrated photonics components, has closed a series B investment round of £1.8 million in line with its expansion and product supply plans.

Nick Psaila, chief executive at Optoscribe, said: “We have delivered significant growth and shareholder value over the past 18 months.

“The recent opening of our new manufacturing facility has further enhanced our ability to supply volume products and support our customers’ needs. This investment round will enable the company to continue our focused growth plans and expand both our product portfolio and supply base.”

Robert Higginson, partner at Par Equity, said “Par Equity is interested in companies with disruptive and innovative technology capable of addressing a global market - Optoscribe clearly fits this bill in all respects, and we look forward to supporting the team through this exciting scale-up phase of the company’s development.”

About Optoscribe Limited
Formed in 2010, Optoscribe’s innovative technology produces optical components at a wafer level, primarily aimed at high volume optical transceiver manufacturers supplying the rapidly growing data centre market. The company’s solution enables simple and precise coupling of optical fibres to arrays of laser emitters and/or photodetectors within optical transceivers. This allows the transceiver manufacturers to fully automate assembly using Optoscribe’s monolithic single optical interconnect component while dramatically reducing the costs associated with assembly and test. 
The company is located in Livingston, UK and recently opened a state-of-the-art 7,400 square feet manufacturing facility.

Fashion shopping app Mallzee reaches 1m downloads

1 June 2017

Fashion shopping app Mallzee has reached a development milestone recording its millionth download.

For full story read attached link:

Let’s nurture the incredible potential of our workforce by letting them up-skill

25 May 2017

Oleg Dmitriev, CEO of Vert Rotors, has had an article published in The Scotsman:

 "We have come a long way since the first, second and third waves of industrial revolution, when progress and success in manufacturing was based on replacing people with ever more sophisticated machines...The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, will dramatically change how humans and machines work together: this time it will be human creativity, innovation and inspiration that will create value and success."

To read the full article, please click here:

So which start‑up is going to be the next Skyscanner?

7 May 2017

"Investors are heading for Edinburgh to find Scotland’s next unicorns" reports The Times

Vert Rotors replaces oil with water for the first time in a portable compressor

30 March 2017

Portfolio company Vert Rotors has received some excellent news coverage on their VERT.80 compressor:

Engineering Specifier - "Water injected portable compressor produces 42% more oil free air"

Zenoot "Vert Rotors continues innovation drive"

SBNN "Vert Rotors replaces oil with water for the first time in a portable compressor"


Vert Rotors Press Release 28 March 17:

The VERT.80 is a water injected portable compressor, two times smaller and 34% more energy efficient than comparable machines, it produces 42% more oil free air for 13% more electric power


Vert Rotors, the global specialist in micro-compressor technology, today announced the launch of the Vert.80, the second product in its pioneering range of micro-compressors. Vert.80 is a powerful but very portable compressor for on-demand clean air.

Being small and mobile, it solves the problem of getting oil-free air where and when it is needed, while reducing environmental impact.

Half the size and 34% more energy efficient than comparable compressors Vert.80 uses water injection instead of machine oil, eliminating risk of contamination and making it suitable for sterile environments. The eco-friendly compressor produces 42% more air for 13% more electric power.

To achieve the exceptional tolerances demanded, Vert Rotors keep the full design and production cycle in-house. With a small team of highly experienced and skilled engineers they are re-defining the boundaries of precision engineering.

Clean air compressors have always been large, needing their own plant room and expensive, inefficient connections as Olly Dmitriev, CEO at Vert Rotors, explains: “Our ultimate goal was to create a clean air compressor 2.0, able to produce clean air at its point of use.  This was not possible with existing technology.  And so, we had to come up with a totally new design and mathematical model to create the first compressor of its kind. The Vert.80 is a paradigm shift for the compressor industry.  By using our unique design we can deliver flow and pressure performance never before achieved by such a small machine.

Vert’s proprietary technology - the rotary conical screw design - minimises noise and vibration while delivering massive energy and cost savings.  The result of five years intense research and development, their extraordinary breakthroughs in compressor technology has enabled Vert to develop the ultra-efficient air compressor.

Air compressors are used in all sectors but there is a critical requirement for oil-free air in sterile environments including aerospace, medical theatres, dental surgeries, pharmaceutical labs and food production plants.

Oil is the most efficient lubricant needed for compressors to operate at maximum efficiency, however oil particles can contaminate the air produced. Water is the obvious alternative, but compact water-injected compressors were not available.

From the initial mathematics, through CAD and CAM to production, testing, verification and improvement, Vert controls design and production onsite. All parts are bespoke and manufactured using simultaneous machine milling on five axes and five planes with precision probe measurements taken at 400 touch points on a 40mm screw.

Dmitriev concludes:  “For many business leaders, environmental impact is a big issue. We believe that our technology can play a big role in cutting energy spending will and tackling climate change. If 80% of a compressor’s life-time cost comes from electricity used and only 20%from the initial cost of installation, imagine what could be saved if all businesses using compressors were able to reduce energy pollution by 35%? This enormous difference has mind blowing implications for the future of compressed air.”


+ FAD 220 L/min at 8 barg pressure

+ Pressure 6-10 barg

+ 2kW shaft power


+ 2 times smaller size

+ 34% better energy efficiency

+ 42% more air for 13% more electric power

Olly Dmitriev is a technology entrepreneur and innovator with 15 years’ experience in software project management and a dual executive MBA degree from London Business Schools and Columbia University in New York.

He is a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the author of three patents and multiple papers relating to Vert’s compressor technology.

Founded in 2013, Vert Rotors is based in Edinburgh, and has already attracted international attention. Three-quarters of Vert Rotors’ customers are based outside the UK and include Fortune 500 manufacturers in the European Union and the United States.

The total global market for industrial compressors is expected to reach more than $17.5 billion (£14.3bn) by 2017, with compressed air accounting for 10 per cent of industrial electricity demand.