10 November 2020

Par Equity welcomes Stirling based, Integrated Graphene Ltd to the Par Equity Portfolio. The £1.3m investment round was supported by Archangel Investors, Par Equity, Techstart Ventures and ESM Investments. The funding will allow the company to kickstart production of its breakthrough, cost-effective design for manufacture process, producing the 3D graphene foam, Gii, which can be applied directly to any surface at room temperature in seconds. Graphene is said to be 100 times stronger than steel, very light, extremely flexible and a highly efficient conductor of electricity. 

We are excited by this novel technology that offers a cost-effective, patented way of making 3D graphene which removes all barriers that have stood in place to commercializing graphene-enhanced products to date. In addition to investment, Par Equity brings experience and an extensive Investor Network with experience in the graphene sector that will help the business reach its ambitious objectives. We are looking forward to embarking on a rewarding journey with Integrated Graphene over the next few years.

Aidan MacMillan, Investment Manager at Par Equity, said:
“Integrated Graphene is exactly the type of company we like to back. A strong management team with cutting edge, scalable technology addressing global markets. The historical challenges of mass-producing graphene are well known, but this new technology has the potential to unlock this wonder material for multi-purpose applications. Investing through the Par EIS Fund and the Par Investor Network, we’re incredibly excited to support Integrated Graphene.”