This role plays a critical part in the Datactics product development process, while developing products answering to its customer needs is key to its success. 

This role plays a critical part in the Datactics product development process, while developing products answering to our customer needs is key to our success. This is a new team for Datactics, as we recognize the importance of dedicating time to solidifying and innovating the products we develop with our core software platform. Our products are used to solve data management problems in major international banks, insurers, government, healthcare, and other financial services firms.

QA Managers can expect to lead in the following areas:

Planning and vision

  • Evaluate, plan and agree on QA roadmap with the Head of Product
  • Report on progress and status of QA activities

Team management

  • Coordinate the personal development of employees within the team
  • Ensure high standards and work ethics are met within the QA team
  • Coordinate and track workload and priorities for team members
  • Manage HR tasks and performance reviews for team members

QA tasks

  • Cooperate with Product Owners to lay out processes for QA of a given product
  • Cooperate with Software Developers to lay out processes for QA of a given core software component
  • Specify and manage QA processes
  • Work with DevOps/Infrastructure/ Software Development to specify QA Environment
  • Coordinate, prioritise and ensure completion of QA tasks
  • Specify and own QA documentation

Contribution to development standards workgroup

  • Advise on best practices for product development and data engineering
  • Contribute to workgroup discussion topics and agenda

Product Management

  • Participate in critical product feature specifications as agreed with the Head of Product
  • Participate in evaluation of critical features/enhancements (code reviews) and advise on improvements as agreed with the HoP.
  • Participate in Product Management workgroups as agreed with the HoP.

Working at Datactics

Our employee benefits package includes private health insurance, training allowances and a shared bonus pool. But more than this, we place huge importance on cohesion between all areas of the company so that we can work quickly, efficiently and deliver the best possible experience for our clients and staff. Everyone you work with has grown with the company in the same way, so will be on hand to help!

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and diverse, as we believe these are two of the biggest contributors behind our talented team of circa. 50 people. In fact, we have 13 different nationalities and 40% of female team members which has led to being awarded the Waters Technology ‘Best Company for Diversity and Inclusion’ in 2020.

About you

  • Project management skills
  • Experience with team leadership in tech
  • Knowledge of data storage and manipulation techniques
  • Understanding of cloud consoles (Aws, Azure)
  • Experience with complex deployment architectures over multiple environments
  • Understanding and experience of software/product development processes
  • Prior experience in QA is a plus
  • Domain expertise in Data Quality and Matching is a plus
  • Understanding of Datactics proprietary technology is a plus

English is essential as the vast majority of meetings will be conducted in English.  As we’ve already mentioned, we have a really diverse team, with many languages spoken, so any additional languages are always a bonus.