Closing date
20 Jan 2022

Adaptix is looking for a talented Programme Manager to join its team.  This is an exciting role with responsibility for the formation of a Programme Management Office (PMO) and for leading a team of Project Managers (PMs) to work across all departments in Adaptix. 

Your primary role will be to lead the PMO to take our existing and developing technology and translate it into products for sale into multiple vertical markets.  You will also lead the PMO to manage other projects relating to Manufacturing bring-up, site transfer and consolidation. 

As Programme Manager, you would maintain a holistic view across the breadth of the Company, managing all competing priorities in line with business objectives, and appropriately allocating both human and equipment resources from centralised functions.

The Company

Medical imaging helps patients by enabling early and accurate diagnosis.  However, 2D X-rays can be inconclusive as they give a fundamentally limited view of our 3D bodies.  3D images are possible with CT scanners but these are much expensive, give a high dose of radiation and moving a critically ill patient to a scanner can be labour-intensive and risky.

At Adaptix we are helping make 3D imaging more accessible to the people who need it by producing mobile flat-panel X-ray systems that can be brought to patients giving low-cost, low-dose imaging. 

Candidate Profile

You have a minimum qualification of BEng or BSc, together with a formal Project Management qualification (e.g. APMP or PRINCE2) or equivalent experience.  You have a technical science/engineering background and experience of new product development with a high science content, and releasing products to market.  

Key Responsibilities

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Leading the PMO to ensure successful transfer from R&D prototype, through iterative product design to manufacture
  • Establish and promote strong Project Management practice throughout the organisation
  • Manage individual Project Managers to help reduce barriers to timely project execution and to ensure on-time delivery
  • Working with stakeholders and project sponsors across the whole business to understand priorities, required timescales and also to communicate progress.
  • Maintaining oversight of all projects, with regular reporting to the COO, including progress, resource allocations made, project trade-offs and barriers to completion
  • Lead continuous improvement initiatives to improve the project management methods and related toolsets
  • Implementation and ownership of a suite of key performance indicators (KPI’s) for project progress and completion
  • Delivering to the needs of the Board, Product Management and Operations teams
  • Being an active member of the Management team and inputting into medium and longer term company strategy
  • Ownership of the Sprint process; leading, reviewing, monitoring and optimising for maximum effectiveness
  • Working with the Project Managers to lead Sprint reviews and retrospectives and participate in daily SCRUMs 

Skills Knowledge and Expertise


  • Ability to manage a range of issues across an organisation, ensuring complete alignment between vertical functions
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills and the ability to form constructive relationships, promote collaboration and to influence and negotiate horizontally.
  • Is comfortable in a combination of waterfall and agile environments, and the ability to implement the right methodology for a particular project
  • Ability to home in on potential resource crunch points, and to offer scenarios for trade-offs between projects
  • A natural leader, who inspires confidence and promotes accountability from his/her direct reports and across the company
  • Detailed, focused and analytical, being able to rapidly assimilate technical and scientific knowledge and come to rapid conclusions under pressure
  • Excellent communication with sponsors, Department Managers and up to Board level 
  • Well organised and resilient, and can work well under pressure 


  • Programme Management, including managing multiple projects, all competing for the same resource pool.
  • Parallel New Product Development projects, all with a high science content and combining hardware and software.
  • Working in a highly regulated industry within a process-driven environment.
  • Liaising with external product development companies with parallel PMOs.
  • Proven track record of making difficult resourcing decisions between projects, and managing stakeholder expectations.