EIS Fund

Recognised as Best EIS Investment Manager at the 2021 and 2022 EIS Association Awards, as well as the 2022 Impact Award. 

Launched in 2012, the Par EIS Fund has built an impressive track record investing in high growth businesses with cutting edge technologies.  The EIS Fund is investing into some of the most innovative technology companies in the North of the UK, fuelling smart management teams with the capital to disrupt sectors, push boundaries and solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

One of the key drivers of the Par EIS Fund’s track record is its co-existence with the Par Investor Network, which combine to provide a powerful combination of financial and intellectual capital.  

The Par EIS Fund at a glance

  • Closing Dates: As transactions complete
  • Sector Focus: B2B Technology - innovative, hard to replicate solutions with proven demand - covering 6 themes: enterprise software, healthcare & medical devices, industrials & space, energy & resources, food security and digital media & entertainment
  • Minimum Subscription Amount: £25,000
  • EIS Qualifying Percentage: Maximum 95% of Investor's subscription deployed in EIS Qualifying Companies
  • Target Deployment Period: 12 months from the acceptance of subscription
  • Target Number of Portfolio Companies: 8-12 companies per subscription
  • Expected Holding Period: 6-8 years from the date of investment

Risk Warning

Please note, the fund is not an unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS).

Investments in unquoted shares carries an above-average level of risk compared with quoted shares. An investor may not get back the amount invested and could lose all of the capital invested. The value of an investment may go down as well as up, but in any event such value can only be realised on a sale of that investment. These investments are highly illiquid and as such, there may not be a readily available market to sell them, and no market value exists. Furthermore, past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, as there are many contributory factors that can influence the value of shares in early-stage companies.

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