The Par EIS Fund is an evergreen fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of 6-8 investments.

"In my view, a key strength of Par Equity is the depth & breadth of experience in the investment team, and the benefit this brings to investee companies"

The key features of the fund are:

  • The focus is on technology based companies that are already generating revenues.
  • We invest in people, and back high quality management teams.
  • Co-investment with experienced angel investors and the Scottish Investment Bank.
  • Targeting an IRR of 15%
  • Minimum Investment £20,000.

The fund is not an unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS).

Par EIS fund

The Par EIS fund is a means of building a portfolio of investments in early stage companies. Such investments carry risks and are intended for investors able to understand and bear those risks.

To access fund documents and independent industry reports, please read and confirm your acceptance and the terms of this website.

Independent Industry Reports

We will send you independent industry reports, upon successful completion of our criteria.

Example summary: Hardman & Co.

2 April 2019

"A well run company with a credible investment process. The team brings a broad range of backgrounds with experiences in different areas."

Download Hardman report [528kb PDF]

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